Brian Childress

VS Code Shortcuts

If you use VS Code, here are some handy shortcuts that might help make your development life a little easier.

Hiding JavaScript Files in VS Code

Like most JavaScript developers I'm writing a lot of Typescript, here are the steps to hide the JavaScript files that are compiled during the development process in VS Code.

Generate JWT for Testing

In this article we'll look at generating JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for testing purposes.

Download an Entire Website Using wget

In this post we'll look at a simple wget command to download an entire website, including all content and assets.

Serverless Framework and Serverless Offline Error: POST Request Not Responding

If you use the Serverless Framework and Serverless Offline Plugin for developing Serverless Functions, (e.g. AWS Lambda) you might have seen an issue recently with POST requests not responding.

Start a Docker Container Without Specifying a Command

If you need to do some troubleshooting of a Docker container and the entrypoint or startup command you defined might be the problem, here is a quick fix to allow you to access the container to investigate.

Call Localhost on Host from Docker Container

There are times when we need to call "localhost" on a host from a Docker container. Here is a simple flag that allows that to happen.

GIT: Branch is Not Fully Merged

There are times when you get an "not fully merged" error for a git branch, here is a simple command to figure out what commits have not been merged.

Treat Local GIT Repo as a Remote GIT Repo

There are many reasons why you might want to use a local GIT repo like it were a remote repo, the setup is simple to get started.

Parse JSON Values Using Grep

Sometimes you need to quickly find a value in a JSON object, using grep allows you to use native functionality to get the information you need.