Brian Childress

Database Deployments with Reduced Downtime

Making database changes to a running application can be tricky, here are a few things to keep in mind that should reduce or eliminate downtime.

Interview: How to Work with Developers as a Scrum Master

I was recently asked to be a guest for a virtual AMA of Scrum Masters looking to improve their relationships with Developers on their teams/projects. Here are some of the questions and my thoughts.

Manually Run Git Hooks

Sometimes you want to manually run a Git hook, like a pre-commit hook, for testing. This can be done from the shell.

Renaming a Local and Remote Git Branch

Sometimes you need to rename a Git branch, here are the simple commands rename a local or remote branch in Git using the command line.

Becoming a Software Architect

As your career twists and turns, one option to consider is becoming a Software Architect. This is my take on the role and the skills and experience that will set you up to succeed.

Changing or Combining Local .env Files

If you've ever needed to easily switch between different .env files during local development this might be helpful.

Update JSON File with Bash Using NodeJS

In this short post I'll show you a quick way to make simple edits to a .json file from the command line or using bash and NodeJS.

Sending an Array of Values in a GET Request

If you need to send multiple values in a GET request here is a simple way.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

There is a time in everyone's career when they wonder if they should stay in their current role or move to a new role or company. Here are some of the things I consider when giving advice or making the decision for myself.