Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


There is a time in everyone’s career when they wonder if they should stay in their current role or move to a new role or company. Here are some of the things I consider when giving advice or making the decision for myself.

First, if you are in a toxic or abusive or down-right bad environment, get out, by any means necessary, where you can sort things out with a a much more clear head.

Here are a few questions I ask or consider when thinking about staying or going:

You started looking for a reason, what is it?

There is something that prompted you to start looking at the job boards or answering recruiter calls/emails. Was it that you’re bored or unfulfilled with your current role? Dig into the real reason why you started looking in the first place, there is a reason lurking in there.

What are your shorter-term goals (12-18 months) and longer-term goals (3-5 years)?

Have you defined your goals, both professional and personal, recently? Have they changed? Does changing roles and/or companies move you closer to, further away, and in the same place as your current position? If a move gets you closer to your ideal state, that should receive a LOT of weight in your decision.

Is this move emotional or logical?

Every industry, company, and organization has similar types of people and problems. Make sure you’re considering a move for the right reasons. Are you considering a move because you had a disagreement with someone? Or really can’t stand someone or something at your current company? Is there anything you can do to impact change to improve the situation for yourself and others? Is your discomfort a very temporary thing or has it been occurring for months?

Have I learned everything I think I can from my current role?

There is a reason you joined your current company, accepted your current role. Have you gotten absolutely everything out of the role you feel you can before moving on? Can you put up with the bad stuff to get experience and exposure to the things that will help you in your next role? Setting yourself up for success.

It takes a lot of mental and emotional toil to stay in a role or with a company that isn’t helping you grow. It also takes a lot of effort to search for, interview for, and transition into a new role. Make sure you’re making the move for the right reason(s).